Toronto’s Commercial Epoxy Experts


Commercial Epoxy Floor Experts

Our commercial epoxy floor installers have over 15 years of experience with warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, airplane hangars, parking garages - and everything in between, and we’re confident we can isolate the best approach for your unique commercial space.

Eco-Friendly Commercial-Grade Epoxy

Our commercial-grade epoxy is 100% solid with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means you can confidently meet any health & safety regulations in your industry, and provide a healthy space for your employees or customers.

Fully Insured & WSIB-Certified

Our commercial epoxy flooring installers are covered by our $2 million liability insurance, and are certified by WSIB, which means you can hire us without any fear of project setbacks or issues on the job.

Efficient & Minimally Disruptive

You likely can’t just shut down operations for weeks for a flooring installation, so we will build a schedule with you that ensures the project is completed on time with minimal disruptions to your business - even if we need to work outside of typical business hours.

Competitive Commercial Epoxy Pricing

Our commercial epoxy floor installation services are offered at a fair and competitive price, and we’ll take the time to evaluate your unique space to develop proven strategies that help keep the time to complete the project shorter than our competitors.

Demonstrated Value

We’ll explore your space and take the time to explain how an epoxy floor is the right choice for your commercial space, including how the upfront investment for the installation will save you in maintenance and repair costs through the floor’s lifetime.


Our mission is to provide our customers not only with great work but with a great experience as well. We offer a complete range of commercial epoxy floor coating services throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and use only 100% solid, commercial-grade epoxy for both our residential and commercial projects.

Solid, commercial-grade epoxy is one of the best available on the market - especially for commercial or industrial buildings - as it provides a hard, stain resistant finish that will last for years with very little maintenance. Our commercial epoxy floor installers are also able to provide other epoxy-related services, including epoxy repair, adding safety lines and decorative stickers to the surfact, and concrete polishing and repair services.

We only hire professional epoxy application experts who will ensure that your job is completed on time and within budget. We understand that our clients have operational businesses or need access to the areas that need to be epoxied quickly. Our installers will work with you to develop a customized schedule for your project so the work is completed in the least disruptive way.

There is no project too big or too small for our team, so give us a call or a free quote today!

Matthew Fry, Founder, Toronto Epoxy Pros